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  • Are there any age restrictions for attending the Urban Market Concept as a visitor?
    There are no age restrictions for attending our markets. Everyone is welcome to attend, enjoy and shop. Please note that sensible behaviour is expected of all guests at the market and those who are causing disruptions will be asked to leave by security or event management.
  • What do we need to bring?
    All tables should be covered with a table cloth or sheet to ensure a neat presentation by all vendors at all events. Please ensure you bring suitable table covers with you otherwise you may not be permitted to display your items. Additionally you can bring a roll-up banner or display materials to advertise your brand.
  • We are a food vendor, are we allowed to participate?
    Unfortunately food vendors are not permitted to take one of our standard spots. If you are a food vendor, please reach out to us on and we will discuss your options based on each location.
  • Are there any ages restrictions for being a vendor?
    Yes. All vendors must be over 18 years old to to participate in a market. If you are under 18 years old, your booking must be must be registered with us by a parent or guardian and a copy of this adults ID and contact details will be requested.
  • Can I request a particular spot?
    Unfortunately we cannot take position requests at any of our locations. Spots will be allocated by the market organiser and your name will be clearly marked on your table.
  • Where do we park?
    Most locations have on-site parking. Please note that sometime this is free, sometimes this is chargable. Check with each location upon your arrival for parking fees.
  • What happens if I need to cancel my booking?
    We understand that something things happen and you need to cancel your booking. If you cancel 72 hours/3-days or more, ahead of the event date, we will transfer your booking to another event. If you cancel less than 72 hours/3-days prior to the event date, you will not receive a refund or be able to transfer you booking.
  • What is provided by UMC at each venue?
    At most venues a table for you to display your items will be provided and one chair per booking. Occasionally we cannot provide tables/chairs for vendors. All vendors will be informed in advance if they need to bring their own equipment. Please check each listing when booking for specific details as equipment provided by us will be mentioned.
  • Can there be multiple brands in one spot?
    No. Each booking is strictly for one brand only. Collaborations are not permitted and there is strictly one vendor per spot. Brands who are found to be breaking these rules will be asked to leave the event with no refund.
  • How much does it cost to be a vendor?
    A one-time 50 AED registration fees is charged for you to become a UMC vendor and be added to our database. We have a range of vendor spots based on your display requirements: 1. Table Only Spot - 450 AED This is the perfect spot for vendors who only require a table to display their items, such as jewellery, hats, shoes or small items which do not require a rail. 2. Single Rail Spot - 550 AED This is the right spot for vendors who only require space for one table and a single rail to show off your items, possibly a collection of clothes or sample pieces. 3. Multiple Rails Spot - 700 AED This is the right spot for vendors who only require space for one table and multiple rails. With this booking you are permitted to bring a maximum of four rails to display items. 4. Rails Only Spot - 800 AED This is the correct spot for brands who wish to display lots of clothing items. No table will be provided and you will be permitted to bring a maximum of six clothing rails to display your items. Please note that ALL VENDORS must ensure that their display is kept tidy and free of clutter or packaging. All packaging should be removed or stored out of site without causing any hazards to guests or the venue. The presentation of your business directly reflects on our organisation and any rubbish left at the venue will be cleaned at the vendors expense if disregarded and left behind.
  • Can we leave the event early?
    No. All vendors are required to stay at the event for the full duration, until the end of the event. If you cannot commit to the full event, please do not book a spot.
  • Do I need a trade license to be a vendor?
    If you have a trade license, you are able to trade under your own license. If you are a start up business and do not yet have your license, you are permitted to trade under our license as an exhibitor for a maximum of three markets. E-commerce license start from 1000 AED and can be purchased online very easily. We encourage all vendors to purchase a license to operate legally in the UAE. Remember that you must register before you can access the booking page and a copy of your ID and TL will be requested as part of this process.
  • Do we get free entry?
    Most of our events are free, however for any paid entry events, each vendor will be given 2 wristbands.
  • What size are the tables provided?
    The table size for Urban Market Concept at Radisson RED is 183cm x 40cm x 75cm. Other locations will have different table sizes. Please always double check the description shown when booking spots for the exact setup information.
  • What time do we setup before the event?
    Setup usually opens 3 hours ahead of the opening event time but this will be dependent on the location. All vendors must arrive at the venue a minimum of 1 hour ahead of the opening time to complete setup. If you do not, your spot will be canceled and no refund will be given. Please check the event description for exact setup information.
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